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Correctly Engineered (unlike our competition) and Easiest kit to install!

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Question: Where are you located?

Answer: We are located in Kenora, Ontario Canada, which is about 2 hours North of Baudette, Minnesota.

Question: How fast can I get my parts?

Answer: Overnight! Yes for an additonal charge we can send your parts by air freight

Question: How can you offer me parts this cheap? I don't want foreign junk in my American Cadillac

Answer: Our products are manufactured in Ontario Canada from steel purchased in Florida. We are Canadian; but so are many other parts on your Cadillac. GM made a lot of parts for Cadillacs in Ontario.

Question: Are you infringing on any patents by offering these studs?

Answer: Absolutely not! Actually; because we're Canadian we are completely harmless from any patents that exist!

Question: $199 for a set of studs is really cheap. Will I be getting good quality?

Answer: THE BEST!!! I can't stress this enough. We are meticulous in the CNC shop; and because this is all we do; we put our heart and soul into this!

Question: Do you offer volume discounts to repair shops?

Answer: $199 is our rock bottom price. Any less than this and it wouldn't be worth our time to make them. We think you're getting a very fair deal @ $199/set.

Question: How can I pay you?

Answer: Right now we take Western Union and money orders only. If you get a money order; you can take a picture of the money order and email it to us. Send it registered mail; and send us a tracking number for the registered letter. We will then send out your kit. We may soon be offering paypal as well.

Question: Do you sell individual studs?

Answer: Of course! Let us know how many you need and we will send them out!

Question: How do I become a distributor of your products?

Answer: You may buy and re-sell as many as you want. We will have distributor applications available soon

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